Originally a near-fearless pilot who could make a B-52 dance, Alexis jumped at the chance to test a new experimental fighter, equipped with a matrix that would theoretically allow it to teleport. However, during its first test flight the matrix suffered a malfunction and the aircraft disappeared, and both it and its pilot were presumed lost.

Months later, Alexis reappeared, but not without problems; her body had become desynchronised with the normal flow of time. Her ‘chronal disassociation’, as it became known, meant that she was a living ghost, disappearing for hours or even days at a time, and unable to maintain a physical form when she was in the present. Scientists across the world were stumped, until one man – or rather, a very smart gorilla – designed the chronal accelerator: a device that would allow Alexis to control her own personal timestream, and thus letting her stay in the present. However, this device also allows for great speed or, if necessary, a form of suspended animation as she could now speed up or slow down her own timeline at will. With her newfound abilities, she soon found herself a very effective crimefighter.

Taking up the identity of Tracer, Alexis has vowed to right wrongs and fight the good fight whenever she can. Until recently, Tracer’s work has been strictly small-time, with the average mugger and amateur bank robber the only real experience she has. Both she and Aidan made the joint decision to move to Spireport, a city that Aidan was skeptical about (considering it was one of the first ports of call for supervillains far too often), but otherwise ticked all the right boxes in ways that the other cities hadn’t. Looks like Tracer’s about to find herself a lot busier, as well as working a lot harder to keep her lives separate.


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