Queen of Clubs

Baseball-esque supervillain


Queen was the only female member of the supervillain group known as the Wild Cards and loyally worked alongside both Ace and King for as long as the group had lasted before its disbandment. Sporting herself as a baseball player, she possesses super-speed to some degree and the power to cause kinetic explosions through colliding an object or weapon (usually a baseball bat) with a target. Like the rest of the Wild Cards, she is a dangerous threat to the Independents and causes a good deal of collateral damage.

After Ace was imprisoned and the Wild Cards disbanded, Queen was next seen serving under the Painted Skull, acting as a guard in the abandoned amusement park just outside of Independence City.

Currently, Queen is working for MISTER Vegas, after having her criminal sentence commuted as part of the Riverstone Project.


Note from Stonewall: “I dunno what to make of Queen much. She’s enthusiastic for a villain but reckless, maybe crazy even. She seems to have worked well with Ace and King though, so I guess I can respect her bein’ a team player; hell ain’t that what baseball is about anyway?”

Queen of Clubs

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