Head of Operations


Amir Hassan, alias Network. Minor mutant with greater than average intelligence and speed of thought. He wore a Tron-like outfit he designed himself. It looked like the original Tron design, but more aligned with the style of today’s clothing. Originally attempted to be a hero with a gadget them, but that didn’t work out very well for Network. Hired by Harvey Kirkman to head up the Independents East’s operations center, Network has proven an important asset in the defense of Spireport. After the events which removed Kirkman from funding the Independents, Network was hired by El Vaquero (Hugo Cervantes) as part of reestablishing the Independents in Spireport.

Network continues coordinate the Independents in their actions to defend the city from super-crimes. He currently wears a suit designed by Eva Andreasson, aka Dr. Adorable, that looks similar to the outfits from Tron: Legacy.


Note from Melvin: Sounds like a nerd.

Incoming message from Security AI designated “Skates”: 26…Bxd5+


Day of Independence Phase