King of Diamonds

Member of the Wild Cards


King Diamond, or King for short, is the team player of the Wild Cards. Providing the team with protection, he is usually there to ensure that Ace, Queen, and Jack don’t end up arrested in the inevitable confrontations the Wild Cards have with other heroes. Alternatively he may use himself to lure out a hero to make things easier for the rest of his group. Where the other members use card motifs for their armor/costume, King is recognized by being able to turn his entire body into diamonds, not unlike Stonewall’s ability to turn into living rock. Unlike Stonewall, King needs no earthly material in order to transform but his powers can instead be nullified through a powerful enough sonic blast or device.

Stonewall had learned a bit about King’s past in their first confrontation. King was once a boxer and came close to a title match in his career. He was offered by an unnamed crime lord to intentionally lose a match, and when King refused he was beaten till he suffered from paraplegia from the legs down, ending his boxing career as he knew it. However he was later approached by an unknown group, offering to “fix” his legs in exchange for repayment. King agreed to this and became the supervillain known as Diamondback, later changing it to King Diamond when he became a member of the Wild Cards.

Following the disbanding of the Wild Cards, King had not been seen again until the Independents had gone missing sometime back. The remaining Independent, Cold Snap, recruited King and a number of other heroes to help rescue Stonewall and Canada Man from being illegally arrested and detained by General Shriver. King was next seen as Pelican Island, used under mind control to help capture the Independents during their attack there.

Following the nanites being removed, King is working for MISTER Vegas, after having his criminal sentence commuted as part of the Riverstone Project.


Note from Stonewall: “Last I recall of King, he looked up to me when I was at my height as a villain… and I ain’t sure what to make of it. Guess I don’t make a good role model. But I know what path he’s been followin’, same one I went down before. I could’ve told King to quit back when we first met; hell I wanted ‘im to. It wouldnt’ve worked; he had power, loyal friends, his legs restored, and loved his new-found freedom. I was the same as him startin’ out. Now the Wild Cards are disbanded he’s probably found doin’ whatever he’s offered for money, jus’ like what happened to me. Probably has it worse than me too, havin’ to be Miller’s slave and all. If he can still hold his head up and smile, then he’s a pluckier kid than I ever was.”

King of Diamonds

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