Broken Record

Vinyl Scratch, Wub Savior, DJ extraordinaire.


Vinyl Scratch was an enterprising young DJ known in the local club scene for her recklessness and advocation of dubstep. After staggering into her twin sister’s apartment one night, she was somewhat shocked to be kidnapped by an elite group of enforcers for an illegal research facility. She shortly realized her sister was recruited by the evil corporation granting funding to the lab to make her an assassin using a new suit of experimental power armor. Seizing the chance, she busted out once she was given the suit, blasting her way through hordes of security guards with her newfound music based power. Fleeing into the dawn, she realized that the company would never be able to take her down if she was well known, and surrounded herself by powerful allies, so she gave the suit a sweet new paint job, and took her new alias to fight crime. The name’s Broken Record. Autographs are 5$.

BR is cool. Not like, frosty cool. I mean straight up frozen to the core cool. That is how cool.

Riot’s notes: One of the best damn heroes we’ve got. I’m not really surprised that Vaquero left her in charge. Although, since election day, she’s been starting to act a little… off… Stress, maybe? Wouldn’t be surprised, Especially now that her sister’s loose. Perhaps she needs a break?

Broken Record

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