Day of Independence

Status: In progress, Season 4

GM: kpenguin

Players: Phase, Fawkes, Kris Strife, Veneosaur, Tectonic, DruidDroid, TheBritish, tonberrian, Starsign, Makari

Characters: Canada Man (Alex Beardman), The Shrike, Lizard-Man (Connor Curtis), Afro Fist (Lincoln Jackson), Arboreal Avenger (Melvin Cisco), Gold Guardsman (AU-79), Nuclear Man (Robert Julius), Cold Snap, Stonewall (Evan Petrelli), Sunhawk (Carolyn ‘Carrie’ West)

Setting: Independence City

Notable NPCs: Luis Cervantes, Congressman Malcolm Miller, Archibald Beaumont, Doctor Adorable

Day of Independence

Day of Independence memnarch162