Tag: Minor Villain


  • The Fanboy

    _Riot's notes: Haha, wow, this guy. I almost feel sorry for the idiot. Maybe I'll rip up his mint edition Canadaman comic if he tries anything again._ _Who? -BrokenRecord_

  • Vibration Man

    Lizard-Man: One of my villains since my per-Independents days. Wears bright pink, and high-tech gauntlets that let him project blasts of energy, and gives him a force field that hurts anyone who strikes him with a melee weapon. I'm not sure that he …

  • Candlestick

    _Note from Stonewall: "I knew Ben for a long time; probably was my best friend back when I was workin' in crime. Always felt bad to see 'im still a villain all this time. Don't think he ever had anythin' personal towards me though; we both simply said our …

  • Singularity

    An old friend of Stonewall's, Singularity, aka Alicia Hahn, was once a simple woman in college who wanted to get away from her parents and have a successful life. However an excess of partying and fun resulted in her giving birth to a child, one which the …