The Fanboy

"You have DEFEATED ME. And now we will be archnemeses."


Superhero enthusiast, supervillain wannabe and super nerd all around, Riot’s self-proclaimed nemesis got tangled up with our heroes after their search for the Terminus Bio-Amp Personal Armoured Suit Mk VII. Upon learning that his idol seemed to no longer want anything to do with his past, he vowed to become the new Terminus. Even with the power of the suit though, he was still defeated within moments when Riot threatened his comic book collection. Following that, he accidentally almost set off several nuclear devices while trying to surrender.

Will the Fanboy escape from jail using his evil army of lawyers? Only time will tell!


Riot’s notes: Haha, wow, this guy. I almost feel sorry for the idiot. Maybe I’ll rip up his mint edition Canadaman comic if he tries anything again.


The Fanboy

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