Former D-List Supervillain turned Hero


Born in Italy and moved with his mother Giovanna to America shortly after, Evan Petrelli grew up in the more seedy part of Independence City. He always looked up to the skies at the sights of heroes fighting villains and stopping crimes, seeing them as angels in all their white-winged beauty, full of power and respect. The young Petrelli wanted to be like them, but though he tried to be a good kid he constantly found himself on the wrong side of the road and kept getting himself into trouble.

Eventually the kid grew desperate, sought and looked out for a chance for his dreams to come true. Eventually he found and was brought to a lab by people he didn’t know, people who simply warned him of the cost and risks of experimentation. Evan was willing to go through with this however, and from it gained the power to become living stone. He became Stonewall, with a name and powers that he always dreamed of.

…Except it didn’t put him on the right path. The process was funded by CervantesTech, led by the then-criminal mastermind Luis Cervantes as the Painted Skull. Though Stonewall did not know for decades who exactly he owed, he had to pay off a debt for his transformation to this crime lord. He figured it was simple; do a couple shady tasks, keep a code of honor and morals, and then go straight. Never turns out like that for the naive man. Stonewall got himself involved too deeply as a supervillain, stuck with being hired muscle as a simple D-list villain. Even as he got famous around the underworld, becoming known as the “Toughest one there is,” it meant nothing for Petrelli, stuck in a life he never wanted, unable to choose his own actions and destiny for himself. Even when he looked up to the original Independents, Vanguard, Flashbolt, Hidalgo, and Doctor Omen, Stonewall only ended up fighting them rather than fighting alongside them.

Stonewall worked as a supervillain for eight years, the last quarter of it under the Painted Skull. Evan made some friends with the other villains, including those he frequently worked as a group with: Candlestick, Singularity, and Lopto. Things changed forever for Stonewall when a simple mall heist goes horribly wrong due to the interference of the ruthless alien cop Almagest. The resulting conflict doomed the mall to destruction, with Singularity and Lopto dying with it. Stonewall and Candlestick got out alive, but the event put Stonewall over the edge with how much he was willing to stand this life he was in. Instead of feeling the supervillain turned himself in and was sent to prison, never trying to escape during his time there.

Twenty years passed before Evan Petrelli was released on parole. His whole experience as a supervillain left him wise but also cynical and somewhat bitter, viewing the world all in shades of grey among both heroes and villains. With Independence City having moved on without him, he was determined to go straight now and for good. It was here that he met with Luis Cervantes proper, offered to join his sponsored superhero group known as the Independents. Evan took the offer-of-a-lifetime to finally become the superhero that he always wanted to be.

It wasn’t an easy life of course; Evan knew this well now. The stigma of being a former supervillain lingered on in many people, including some of the other heroes he worked with. Stonewall also saw being a hero more as a job now, almost like back as a villain when he did villain work simply to live and get through the day. It wasn’t easy staying on the right track either; he found himself on a few occasions “helping” people such as The Baron and getting tricked for his trouble. Having to confront his old villain friends while watching others such as Candlestick die off made it no easier for Petrelli. Despite this, and with the help of the other Independents, Stonewall is able to do what he always wanted to do and always does the right thing now that he is able to choose his fate for himself.

Lizard-Man’s notes: “Stonewall’s great! Always glad to have him along when things hit the fan. Not just for his powers, but the fact that he knows a bunch of the villains and how they think. I’m really glad he’s decided to turn his life around, there are some other villains that I really hope will follow his example.”
“There’s been a lot of stuff going on lately, and I really want to talk to him, especially about his friend Candlestick, there just hasn’t been much time. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to speak with him while he’s recovering from the fight with Khan.”

Note from Melvin: Stonewall’s solid, a good teammate. Exceptionally useful in a tight situation. His sense of humor leaves something to be desired, by in a team of costumed vigilantes, the ability to appreciate jovial banter is perhaps the least useful quality one can have… and Stonewall has plenty of useful ones.

Note from Nuclear Man: An ex-villain who does not seem to have totally cut off connections to his past. In particular, I’m suspicious of his relationship with Cervantes, both in his villain days and now. Current observations give no indication that Stonewall has an ulterior motive, but I will watch him carefully.


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