Past D-list of Independence City


An old friend of Stonewall’s, Singularity, aka Alicia Hahn, was once a simple woman in college who wanted to get away from her parents and have a successful life. However an excess of partying and fun resulted in her giving birth to a child, one which the ‘father’ and her parents refused to help raise. With her powers awakening under this stress, Alicia became the gravity speedster Singularity who did villain work just to try and get through each day for herself and her child. She carried much potential with her powers but never had the time to fully develop them. As a result she spent her time simply trying to get better with what powers she did use, otherwise she would likely crash into a wall the moment she panicked while having to make her escape from the police of superheroes.. She spent a year in as a villain working alongside Stonewall and Candlestick before she got killed during a confrontation with Almagest.

Note from Stonewall: I don’t think I pitied someone as much as I did with Alicia. She was too kind to be cut out for bein’ a villain, though ‘bout as naive as any other optimistic D-list out there; always said once day she’ll have enough to retire from villain work and go back to college. Felt really bad for her still; wanted to help give her and her child a better life. ‘Course it never worked out. She died, I went to prison, and the baby was forgotten. Its a typical ending for any D-lister… Jus’ wish it didn’t have to be her’s…"


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