Roland Durendal

The Blue Paladin


House Durendal has been a superhero dynasty since its founding in the 8th Century by Roland the first Blue Paladin, Paladin of the Twelve Peers. Roland Durendal, a descendent of Roland I, was expected of greatness before he even learned to walk. After all, he came from a long line of superheroes.
When Roland was just a baby of three years, his father Jeffrey Durendal was defending the city of Spireport with his partner Robert the Paladin of Hauteclaire, another family of Paladin superheroes founded in the 8th Century. Jeffrey betrayed the city and Robert had no choice but to kill his companion and put an end to Jeffrey’s sudden act of treason. The event happened at the site of the Roman Catholic St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
Since then, House Durendal’s memory has been defaced, its status as a member of the Twelve Peers denied, and the sword Durendal was locked away depths of the Blue Nest, unclaimed as no Durendal dared to fill in the vacant position of the Blue Paladin.
Roland grew up never knowing his father, but hated him for dishonoring the Durendal name. When he learned to talk he vowed to restore honor and dignity to House Durendal. He trained under the guidance of Robert Hauteclaire, the godfather of Roland.
When Roland came of age he retrieved Durendal from the vaults of the Blue Nest which had not seen the light of day in 15 years, and reclaimed the blade, becoming the 42nd Blue Paladin.

Obsession: Vowing to restore honor to House Durendal, Roland’s motivation for crime-fighting is fueled by his obsession to restore House Durendal’s honor. His sense of duty and responsibilities as a hero are mostly a reflection on this obsession.
Responsibility: Roland is currently enrolled in Spireport University. He feels that it is the honorable thing to do, which is once again a reflection on his obsession.
Reputation: While practically everybody has forgotten about Jeffrey Durendal, some still remember him and often look down at Roland as being the son of this villain.
Relationship: Robert Hauteclaire, also known as the Clear Strike. He is Roland’s godfather and has raised Roland since he was a baby. Robert tends to change the subject when Jeffrey is brought up, leading Roland to somewhat mistrust his godfather. Robert is the closest person Roland has for a father, despite the fact that the man was the one who killed Roland’s real father.
Rivalry: Olivia, heir apparent of the sword Hauteclaire and the daughter of Robert Hauteclaire. Roland and Olivia have been training together under Robert, and they have developed a rivalry between each other. It is mostly one-sided, the rivalry is mostly in Roland’s head while Olivia more or less likes to tease him about it. She operates as Black Point and is Clear Strike’s sidekick.


Roland Durendal

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