"Protecting the past to ensure your future!"


After making it big as a skater in the 25th century, Carter J Michael’s found himself taking the fall after the corrupt betting ring he was part of fell apart. He slipped out of the spotlight quietly, working part time at a history museum to make ends meet. There, he met his lifelong buddy, the security droid Skates.

Carter’s big break came when the museum set up a display featuring a high-tech suit and a quantum hoverboard, the McFly 3000. Seizing the chance to get one more shot at fame, Carter, (accompanied by Skates) stole the board in order to travel to the past, seeking glory and riches as the super hero, Riot!

Unfortunately, the flux capacitor within the board burned out after just a single use, leaving the hero stranded in the primitive 21st century. After four months of working alone, he became one of the first members of the eastern branch of the Independents. Although his comrades sometimes disagreed with his show-boating money-grabbing ways, he quickly forged strong bonds with the other heroes, slowly but surely growing into the mantle of a hero.



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