Nuclear Man

Weighted by guilt, fuelled by nuclear rage.


Brilliant nuclear physicist and inventor Doctor Robert Julius and his equally brilliant wife Doctor Mary Julius were examining a piece of radioactive space rock when the mineral became volatile and exploded. The explosion killed Mary, but catalyzed Robert’s metagene, giving him a deadly radioactive aura he himself was immune to. After locking himself away for weeks after the accident, Robert emerged from his lab wearing a containment suit that siphoned off the radiation into the suit’s power systems.

Desperate to find a cure and care for his young daughter, Lyla, Julius turned to a life of crime, hiring out himself to acquire the funds needed to research a solution this problems. Eventually, he came under the employ of Colonel Winter and during that caper, diplomatic hero Canada Man convinced him to give up crime and become a hero, become a man his daughter would want as a father.

Though Robert Julius remains as committed to finding a cure, he is equally committed to turning his curse into a gift, transform tragedy into heroism. With the power of an atomic furnace, he tries to help where he can, becoming the mighty NUCLEAR MAN.


Nuclear Man

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