Threat and Menace, Tailslinger


As a child, Connor Curtis had always been inspired by super heroes, especially Canada Man. However, while a good kid, he wasn’t the stuff that heroes were made of, at least until one day…
A lizard, irradiated in the accident that created Nuclear Man, bit Connor Curtis, imbuing the teen with the proportionate strength, speed and agility a lizard. After learning a bitter lesson about the responsibility that power brings, he sword to use his powers for good and became Lizard-Man! Hated and feared by some, he took on the likes of Vibration Man, The Hippo and Hammerhead, until a chance meeting with his idol, Canada Man brought him into the world of The Independents, as a founding member.
In one of their many adventures, Lizard-Man acquired a new costume, made of a symbiotic vine, it makes him stronger, faster, better in every way, but it seems to be having a strange effect on him. Unknown to his friends, Lizard-Man‘s new suit is alive, and urges him to be cautious, to hide.
For now, he resists this compulsion, but as his attempt to balance his personal and heroic lives, while keeping them separate begins to falter, how much longer can he hold against that voice in his head, telling him to put himself first, to keep his loved ones safe? Especially when there seems to be another with similar powers, attacking LIGHT agents after the deletion of SANCHO.
Victory over Chrono Khan may have helped his view in the public eye, and helped dispel clouds lingering over the reputation of The Independents, but the Tyrant of Time’s words still linger in Lizard-Man’s thoughts…


Note from Stonewall: “Kid’s got a lot of persistence this year after all the crap we got put through. Still can’t believe how awful the public image is with him considerin’ me and Cold Snap. Feel like we ain’t givin’ the Kid enough credit for what he goes through. Hopin’ he’ll stay with us as he always does, though I guess I shouldn’t be worried since he loves Canada Man so much.”

Note from Melvin: Lizard Man has his heart in the right place, although I believe his youthful passions get the better of him on occassion. His recent feud with Cold Snap is a good example of this. Still, he’s a confident, potent force of good, and a solid member of the team. Plant looks good on him.

Note from Dr. Julius: A- Must try harder. Has potential.

Note from Nuclear Man: A very capable young man, who has earned my trust and respect. One should never underestimate this honest and competent hero.


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