Jack of Hearts

Former member of the Wild Cards


Jack was once a member of the supervillain group known as the Wild Cards, alongside Ace, Queen, and King. Among the four, he is capable of literally sweet-talking his way with people, able to control them through singing and capable of controlling an area and enemies to some extent. Cold Snap was able to also find out that Jack had incredibly sharp teeth and had to, uncomfortably to others, eat the hearts of other people in order to survive.

This last complication eventually drove Ace to try and kill Jack for being such a monster. Though Ace failed, Jack was without a team as a result and found himself under the employ of the Gentleman. The Independents last saw him being thrown into the sea.


Note from Stonewall: “Well I always had a feelin’ Ace and Jack never got along. Didn’t know how bad it was till one tried killin’ the other though. Can’t imagine if Queen and King feel the same as Ace… Jack’s gonna be in for hell if Ace ever gets out of prison again. He got lucky that time when we saved Jack, and luckier when he got away before Ace showed up with Riverstone. Three times ain’t always a charm for everyone.”

Jack of Hearts

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