The Cellist

Mysterious musician


A mysterious grey musician, who is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, and express mailed to Mystery, Alaska.

Her only known appearances were at a charity event, where her Cello work somehow put to sleep or exhausted a majority of the crowd, with the exception of the SHADOW clones and villains who proceeded to raid it. After the room was showered with high-caliber bullets from SHADOW helicopters, she was escorted off the premises by Vinyl Scratch, who had resisted the effects of her music.
Vinyl smashed a vase in order to be imprisoned with her when she got caught, but she ended up making a getaway in a police van.

Her other appearance was far later, doing something at Club Wub while Zephyrman fought Five-eyes.

She’s mute, gets her shoes at the same place as BR, and has some sort of odd relationship with her. So odd, nobody’s aware of what it is.


BR’s notes: Hey, guys, does anyone know anything about her? Like, seriously, this is important. She could be doing, uh. Crime stuff. So give me any of your sightings immediately. Top priority. As for investigation, we should check out the really high quality beauty salons. That’s probably how she gets her incredibly long, soft, nice-smelling incredibly silky beautiful hair.

The Cellist

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