D-list supervillain and old friend to Stonewall


Candlestick, also known as Benjamin to Stonewall, was one of many of Independence City’s D-lists who had constantly got himself up in villain work over gambling issues. With the power to turn himself into living wax, he was one of Stonewall’s old pals and comrades back when Stonewall was still a supervillain himself. Ever since Stonewall had gone straight, they’ve remained distant due to conflicting occupations.

Eventually Candlestick got captured by the Blue Devil while trying to contact Stonewall over some of the missing D-list villains and old friends who had gone missing. When the Independents had found him, Candlestick had been overdosed by silver nanites and was a towering wax monstrosity under a savage mental state of mind control. Attempts to reason with him failed as Lizard Man and Stonewall were left with no other way but to trick Candlestick into being electrocuted by an electric generator, removing his nanites but at the cost of his own life.


Note from Stonewall: “I knew Ben for a long time; probably was my best friend back when I was workin’ in crime. Always felt bad to see ‘im still a villain all this time. Don’t think he ever had anythin’ personal towards me though; we both simply said our peace and moved on. Watchin’ him die like that though… I can’t forgive the Skull or the Blue Devil for that. There’s nothin’ we could’ve done to save Ben by that point. We may have been old friends and met only a few times since I went straight, but it ain’t changin’ how much I cared for ’im… Gonna miss ya Ben.”

Note from Melvin: Didn’t know him, but… can’t help but feel for Stonewall. Hope he’s restin’ in peace, at least.

Note from Lizard-Man: It was my fault… I didn’t do enough research before I acted. I was so sure I’d found a way to safely remove the nanites Painted Skull was putting in everyone… He thanked me for freeing him before he died, but… I’m so sorry Candlestick, and to his family. Stonewall seemed to like you a lot, so, villain or not, you must have been a decent fellow. I wish we’d met either earlier, or later than we did. I’m sorry for Stonewall too, wouldn’t be surprised if he hated me for it. We haven’t really had a chance to talk since it happened, but… I know it’s coming, and if he wants to thrash me for it, I won’t put up a fight. I won’t make the same mistake again either, I promise.


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