Canada Man

The Canuck Crusader


[REDACTED], alias Canada Man, was born in [REDACTED], Alberta on [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Inducted into the special [REDACTED] program in 1990, Canada Man has proven a capable superhero for more than two decades, earning worldwide fame and respect. A significant PR asset for the Canadian government, Canada Man has established himself as a powerful force for justice and good. His yearly compensation is valued at [REDACTED], accounting for legal and medical benefits, plus a monthly stipend to his family in [REDACTED]. The worldwide impact of Canada Man merchandising is also a substantial boon to the Canadian economy, being a multi-million dollar industry. What follows is a more in-depth accounting of Canada Man’s history, known allies and enemies, background, medical reports, and details regarding the methodology behind his enhanced physique.


- Acquired from Canadian Department of Metahuman Affairs


Note from Melvin: Canada Man’s always been the epitome of a stand up guy, in my eyes. Real role model. Good for the kids to watch.

Note from Stonewall: “When I first met ‘im I felt he was a bit too idealistic for his age. After all I went through I felt that his view seemed all too naive. But we both grew under different ways; his upbringing was much better than mine. Can’t say he’s wrong to believe what he does. ‘Course I’m a bit jealous of how he grew up, but I couldn’t burden that on him, not when he’s got a government he works for on top of his role here in Independence. I still don’t think he understands some of the issues me and my old friends have lived with back when I was crooked; not that anyone simply can. But I feel he’s learnin’, and I think I’ve been learnin’ a good deal from him too.”

Riot’s notes: It’s weird, really. This guy’s made it huge, and all he’s done is base his entire theme around those fifteen northen US states. Maybe if I ever meet the guy, I could get a cameo in his cartoon or something? A spinoff maybe, even?

Lizard-Man’s Note: What can I say about Canada Man? He’s been my hero since as far back as I can remember. I grew up watching the cartoon and eating the breakfast cereal. Still have my official Canada Man Fan-Club Decoder Ring, with Certificate of Authenticity. I can’t say if he lives up to the picture I had in my head or not. He does in someways, he’s just as polite and everything as in the show, but he seems… Not sad exactly, I’m not sure what the word is. Anyway, I always have trouble not acting like a fanboy around him, I almost asked him for his autograph when I first met him… Come to think of it, he’d probably give me one if I asked for it now…

Canada Man

Day of Independence Phase