Ace of Spades

Leader of the Wild Cards


Ace of Spades, or Ace for short, was the leader of the formerly 4-man villain group known as the Wild Cards. Originally appearing to steal away Princess Mina back to the councilor of Ruritania, Ace uses a suit of power armor to fight with as a mercenary for whoever pays him. The Independents later confronted him while trying to apprehend Achery; Ace then attempted to kill fellow member Jack in his casino when Ace had learned of Jack’s more monstrous nature and acts. Ace failed in this attempt and was instead imprisoned.

Ace was then later seen as a member of Miller’s Riverstone hero group as part of a deal to work off his prison sentence in exchange for service to Miller. He was a part of this group for few month, but it was not to last. Riverstone attacked Independence Park in order to draw out the Arboreal Avenger. Frostbite had trapped the trapped Princess Daisy in an ice, but then Ace was convinced to carried her to safety in violation of what his orders. He tried to tell Miller that he did not want to be part of the group anymore, but was frozen in an ice block by Frostbite in Miller’s office. Ace was later found by the Independents, imprisoned alongside Lyla, and remained there when the city came under attack by Chronos Khan.


Note from Stonewall: “When I saw Ace with Riverstone I figured he joined jus’ so he could be free; worthwhile deal for any villain. Seein’ how things worked out with Daisy and Miller though, seemed like he really wanted out of what he’d been doin’ before. Pity it didn’t work out for ‘im. I feel he should’ve been given an honest chance but there ain’t denying that he wants Jack and Miller dead. I think he knows that he can’t be like that if he wants to be a hero; probably why he’s wantin’ to stay in his cell… Makes me wonder how long he’s actually stayin’ there if he’s given his chance to escape”.

Ace of Spades

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